Welcome to Rorschach Radio Production! We’re a  radio and audio production company, with services ranging from script writing, voice casting, direction, studio facilities and sound design to station traffic.  We’re based in Central London but definitely not Soho centric, our clients are Europe wide.

If you would like to know more or need help with a project, you can email  Office@rorschachradio.com or tweet @RorschachPam.  Advice about casting and production is freely available, we love to talk about how we can help make your ideas happen.

We don’t just produce great audio, we believe in sharing skills. There’s nothing we like more than a road trip, so if you want us to come to you to talk about casting and production just get in touch.  Rorschach also works in association with The University of West London on curriculum design for their BA (Hons) Radio Production.

The question we’re most often asked is, why the name Rorschach? A Rorschach test is a symmetrical blot designed to reveal the state of your psyche through your interpretation of the image. And that’s what we do; we look at your ink blots (ok, scripts) and work out what you’re hearing. *

We’re proud to be Associate Members of Radiocentre, the industry body representing the commercial radio industry.

*Of course, if you’re a Watchmen fan you may have a different Rorschach in mind; the moral absolutist with the ever changing face on a mission to rid the world of scum. Can’t help you there.